My Cell Phone Tower Lease Is Expiring, What Should I Do?

Will you contact a cell tower consultant when the current cell phone tower lease runs out? A lot of property owners don’t really think too much about their leases expiring as they think the companies will automatically renew the agreement for another few years. However, some companies may choose to go elsewhere and that’s something which you have to consider greatly! In all honesty, cell phone companies may decide they want to look elsewhere and if the lease is about to expire, you might find there is no renewal!

Research Your Rights

When it comes to a cell tower lease expiring, you have to firstly know your rights as the property owner. If the cell phone company wishes to renew the contract, will they want to build a new tower or add existing towers? If that’s the plan, you have to know your rights over these and whether you’ll be able to put a stop to these towers if you’re not agreed to them. Understanding your rights and legal obligations can be so important when it comes to tower leasing. It’s important to know your rights so that something doesn’t happen without your knowledge or acceptance. Click here for more detail about cell tower lease agreement.

My Cell Phone Tower Lease Is Expiring, What Should I Do?

Consult a Cell Tower Consultant

Consultancy is vital when the lease agreement is about to run out. You don’t know what will happen. Sometimes, the companies might automatically renew it, but is the deal still fair? Are you getting market value for the land they’re leasing? Are you happy to renew the agreement? These are the things you want to consider when it comes to a cell tower lease. It’s very important to consult a consultancy agency so that you know where you stand and what the next best move to make is. Get more about cell tower location and development on

Know the Local Cell Tower Revenues

Do you know what the local revenues are for the tower? When your lease contract is about to expire, you have to know what the area still has to offer to the companies and yourself too! Why? Companies might want to look elsewhere, but if you can approach them with some useful information about why they should stick with you, it might make it easier to renegotiate and get a second contract in place! You need to speak with a cell tower consultant and get their advice over what you should do. Some consultants may take the initiative and try to get the companies to get a new lease agreed to. However, you need to know the costs and whether it’s still viable to the companies and profitable for yourself too. Learn more about property tax treatment of cell towers.

Take Action When You Want To Renew a Lease

Sometimes, you can’t assume the company will renew the lease with you once the agreement is about to expire. You might find some companies want to renew the lease for another twenty years, but others might say they want to look elsewhere. No matter what happens, you have to take action. You have to know your rights, responsibilities and obligations. With a cell tower lease, it’s important to renew quickly before the lease expires and get a good deal too.

Cell Tower Development – How Are Cell Tower Locations Selected?

Cell tower lease rates are constantly improving when the right location is found. Cell tower companies always have a purpose when it comes to selecting a location for their new cell towers! Constantly, companies are searching for locations which not only meet today’s needs, but tomorrows as well. However, what many land and property owners don’t know is how the cell tower locations are actually selected. So, how are the locations selected? Learn more about land management and leasing.

Signal Coverage And Strength Are A Necessity!

Companies need to improve coverage at all costs, but they need to be careful over the potential ‘dead zones’. These zones are essentially areas which have poor coverage and really aren’t ideal for some cell towers. One of the most important elements factored into the cell tower location is the signal cover and strength of the cover available from that location. This is very important for any company trying to offer a wireless capability to their customers, and so they will look at the strength of the cover of the signal. Any cell tower location will be carefully considered from companies in order to get the best deal but they won’t offer a cell tower lease until the right location is found with good signal coverage. Click here for more guidelines about selecting cell tower location.

Cell Tower Development – How Are Cell Tower Locations Selected?

Network Speed

Another very important factor given food for thought is the network speeds. A lot of property owners believe their land is suitable for the cell tower but that’s not always the case. When the network speeds in that area are poor then it’s not going to offer suitable coverage for all its customers. Companies want to offer wireless capabilities to its customers and that means the speeds have to be excellent. Cell tower lease rates can often be renegotiated over when the network speeds are fairly average! If your area has fantastic speeds, then the costs may increase too!

How Properties Are Selected

There are a number of ways in which a property may be selected. As said above, network speeds and signal coverage must be excellent in order for the property to be chosen. However, there are also a few things that can determine which properties are specifically chosen. For example, most companies will use commercial businesses to use their rooftops as a base for their cell towers. Most residential properties aren’t used to house a cell tower on their roofs. Ground space can also be chosen but it’s usually within open ground, with lots of rural space around. A cell tower lease can be offered to almost anyone as long as they have the right location. For more information about cell tower lease, visit:

Cell Towers Offer Potential Rewards

If you own a piece of land that’s ideally situated for certain companies then you could find yourself staring at a very impressive cell tower leasing agreement! Of course, it’s not everyone that will be eligible for a cell tower but there are lots of towers emerging and more companies are looking at their options as a whole! Cell tower lease rates can work for you as long as your property is ideally situated.

Churches and Cell Towers: How They Work Together to Serve a Higher Purpose

Despite what you might believe, a cell tower lease can be an agreement between a mobile company and a church. Now, churches and cell towers, you wouldn’t think the two would mix and yet they can complement each other well with one another. Cell towers are in increasing demand and there will continue to be a huge demand over the upcoming years also. Remember, this is the digital age and as such, it’s the age where more people look towards mobile telephones, laptops and the internet and so cell towers are a must-have in today’s society. However, how can churches and cell towers work together? Learn more about cell tower lease agreement.

Why A Church?

As strange as it sounds, churches make an ideal spot for cell towers. Why? Churches usually have large buildings and they don’t always have as many restrictions over them as say other buildings might have. However, that could potentially open the door for cell towers. A cell tower may be placed within the grounds of a church which is open ground for them essentially. Companies can choose a church because of its high spirals and good signal capacities and it’s ideal to say the least. Cell tower lease rates could really be decent here too and profitable for the companies as well depending on the location of the church.

Churches and Cell Towers: How They Work Together to Serve a Higher Purpose

Can A Church Benefit From Cell Towers?

Churches have the ability to benefit from a cell tower. When a cell tower lease is formed, you have the ability to actually create an option for the church to benefit from the money from the lease. The church could state the rental income from the tower can be put towards a charitable organization ran by the church or to put it to restoration of the church or for another purpose. However, the money from the rental can be very useful for the church in many ways. If the church owns the land outright, they can use the money for helping the community, not to mention a lot of other good deeds. Even if the tower is going to be used by a third party, the church could still benefit from revenues from there too. Get more information about cell tower installation on

A Win-Win Situation

Remember, churches and cell tower companies can work together to make money and the church can use that money for good. Of course, it’s not every church that will be suitable for the cell tower or approved for the use of the tower, but it can be a very useful solution to say the least. Remember, churches aren’t always rich, they are looking at ways to raise money all the time for one cause or another and with a cell tower rental, and it’s a potential option to explore. Cell tower lease rates can be fairly good so it’s something to consider nonetheless. Click here to get more information.

Get a Fair Price

Cell towers have increased in popularity over the years and there will be no doubt a bigger increase within the upcoming years too. The truth is that everyone wants something from life and more people use the web. With greater demand for internet and wireless capabilities, it makes sense for more cell towers to be erected. Surprisingly however, a church could prove a useful option for building a cell tower. A cell tower lease with a church might just be a viable solution long-term.

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