Hiring a cell tower lease consultant

Hiring a cell tower lease consultant

Hiring a cell tower lease consultant can be quite difficult. This is because there a lot of inexperienced folks parading themselves as tower lease consultants. Hence, one needs to be careful with the Cell Tower Company they intend to patronize.

So, are you in need of a new cell tower lease? Do you need a lease renewal or buyout? Well, finding the right cell tower consultants will go a long way to save you time and money. In a bid to assist you in your search for a new cell tower consultant, here are a few things to look out for.

The work experience of the cell tower lease consultant

A consultant with more experience is more valuable than one with little experience. Look for a consultant that has represented well-established companies, trust me, they are better equipped with the skills.

There lots of online tower lease consultants on the internet today. They might want to use sugar-coated words to make you patronize them but don’t fall for it. Most of them have never been to a tower site, therefore making them ill-equipped for the job. So,  it is expedient of you to carry out a thorough research on whoever you are going to hire.

Check the track record of the tower lease consultant

An exceptional track record is all you might need to hire a new cell tower lease consultant.

If the cell tower lease consultant has been working for others and giving good results? Then they’re worth patronizing. However, avoid consultants with bad reviews, it would save you cost and time. Read more!

Understand the terms and conditions of hiring the cell tower consultants

Do not engage in a deal that you do not understand. Ask the consultant any questions that bother your mind.  A good consultant will answer those questions without breaking a sweat.

Also, watch out for cell tower rates.  Some of the rates of these consultants are ridiculous. Some might want 30% of all your rent for the rest of the lease.  If the percentage sits well with you, you can go on with the deal. But if it does not, you should pull out of it.

However, some tower lease consultants would want to work at low fees. These consultants have been known to offer sub-par services. So,  if you want a good tower lease consultant, you must be ready to spend.

Ensure that you and your consultants are on the same page

This is very important. A conflict of interest is bad for business. He might end up cheating you in the process.

Make sure the allegiance of your contractor is with you. The allegiance of a consultant that performs tasks for a wireless carrier might not be with you. Those consultants are usually sketchy. Hence, you must form a kind of rapport with your cell tower consultant. It will make work smoother.


With the tips listed above, finding a cell tower lease consultant should no longer be difficult. Just make sure to ask the company any question that bothers your mind before deciding on hiring from them. Also, you can ask others of their experiences with these companies and ask them to recommend them a good one for you. Learn more details: https://www.sagecountryinn.com/allowing-a-cell-tower-on-your-land-gains-and-losses/

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